The Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario (RNAO) selected the Perley Rideau to become a Best Practice Spotlight Organization.

Giving at Work

The Perley Rideau Payroll Giving Program encourages employees to make charitable contributions in support of the programs and services provided by the Perley Rideau.  

All individual donations are voluntary and kept confidential. Your manager and co-workers won’t know whether you decide to participate or not; and, if you do, what giving level you choose.

Why give?

Because every dollar makes a difference! Your generosity makes possible the purchase of essential items and fund activities that enhance the care and enrich the lives of those who call the Perley Rideau home.

The Program is a way for all employees to champion the mission of the Perley Rideau. It’s a powerful statement that encourages others to give to The Perley Rideau.

It’s your opportunity to support projects that impact your workplace and the individuals we serve every day.

Who will decide how to spend my donation?

You do!

You choose what your gift will support:

  • Where the need is greatest based on the Priority Needs List
  • Bursaries/Education

How does it work?

It’s easy. Just complete the Payroll Giving Program Donation form and we take care of the rest. Forms are also available in the Human Resources Computer Room on the 1st floor of the Perley Centre or at the Foundation office.  

You can send your Employee Giving Form to Human Resources, or drop it off at the Foundation Office (next to the Gift Shop).  

The donations will be automatically deducted from payroll each pay period. The accumulated charitable donations will appear on your T4 statement at the end of the year.  100% of the donation benefits Perley Rideau.

You do not need to renew each year, as your deduction will continue. You can, however, make a change to your donation level or stop your donation at any time.  

Will I be recognized for my gift?

All employee donors receive a thank-you letter.  The name of the employee will appear on the Foundation Annual Donor List, unless the employee opts out. You always have the option of giving anonymously, if you prefer.

What if I already give through payroll deduction and want to make a change?

Make a note of your change on a Payroll Giving Program Donation form and send to Human Resources or drop it off at the Foundation office (next to the Gift Shop). Please write on the form that you are making a change to an existing payroll deduction.

How do I track my payroll deductions?

On your pay stub, under “FODN DON,” a deduction item will show a running tally of all donations you’ve made to date in the year.

What if I have a question that isn't answered here?

Call Delphine Haslé, Development Manager in the Foundation Office at extension 7177 or email her at