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The Perley Rideau introduced a new program known as PATH: Palliative and Therapeutic Harmonization. PATH is a process that helps older people and their families understand health status and make decisions that protect their best interests and quality of life. 

Impact of Giving

In 2017, your support was key to enhancing the care and enriching the lives of those who call the Perley Rideau home. Thank you!


  • THERAPEUTIC RECREATION AND CREATIVE ARTS - Your support helped to provide residents with muchappreciated recreational activities, including arts and crafts, theatre, concerts, and music and dance therapy ($84,576).
  • BURSARIES and professional development ($10,000).
  • VOLUNTEER SERVICE – Your generous support also helped to fund our Summer Youth Volunteer program ($3,500).
  • FAMILY AND FRIENDS COUNCIL – Your donation supported the council ($1,000)


  • Replaced dining-room furniture in every dining room for a more functional and enhanced dining experience ($230,676).
  • Purchased and installed five new bathtubs ($80,480).
  • Purchased commercial-grade kitchen appliances for residents’ units (4 water and ice dispensers $20,719; 4 dishwashers $26,500).
  • Purchased eight pressure-relief mattresses to help prevent and heal ulcers (2 RIK fluid mattresses $14,000; 6 mattresses $14,500).
  • Purchased three bariatric mattresses to provide comfort and to enable the safe transfer of bariatric residents, by preventing the edge of the bed from collapsing (3 mattresses $1,500).
  • Purchased furniture for the links between the homes and the services and shops in the Health Centre (furniture for 6 links $19,503). Comfortable furniture enables frail seniors to sit safely.
  • Upgraded the sound system in Lupton Hall ($15,000).
  • Purchased two tilt-recline wheelchairs, the ideal solution for proper positioning and reducing pressure, particularly important in palliative care (2 Broda Chairs $5,000).
  • Purchased positioning devices to help prevent and slow the progression of joint deformities and rigidity, as well as skin wounds ($3,100).
  • Renovated one staff room and purchased new furniture ($1,000).
  • Purchased one Dental Broda tilt-recline wheelchair ($1,000).


  • $5,000 towards furnishings outside the Veteran-occupied Rideau home.
  • Purchased two sets of outdoor furniture and umbrellas for resident’s outdoor courtyards, a prime programming space ($12,847).
  • Purchased thirteen outdoor benches to provide a safe and enjoyable outdoor experience for residents (13 benches $12,755).
  • Purchased new raised flower beds in the Rideau courtyard ($2,000).

IN-KIND: wheelchairs, walkers and other equipment, and artwork (fair market value: $12,828).

In addition, the Foundation was able to disburse $100,000 in 2017 towards the much needed Nurse Call System project. The new system dramatically improves speed and efficiency in staff response to residents.

Your kindness and generosity are sincerely appreciated by all the seniors and Veterans in our care.