Raised to be Kind

The late Beryl Montgomery (née McCallum) capped off a life of kindness with a generous gift in her will to the Perley and Rideau Veteran’s Health Centre Foundation. To those closest to Beryl, this final act of kindness came as no surprise; many Canadians of her generation dedicated their lives to community, country and family.

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The Kichesippi Workplace Run-Off

Team Perley Rideau was the happy winner of the 2018 'Kichesippi Workplace Run-Off' - a contest held by the Kichesippi Brewery for charities participating in Ottawa Race Weekend's Scotiabank Charity Challenge.

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MWO raises funds for the Perley Rideau Veterans’ Home

By Matt Hammar, IM Group Communications –

On May 26, 2018 Master Warrant Officer Anthony Cobden participated in the 10K run during the Ottawa Race Weekend. MWO Cobden ran as part of ‘Team Perley Rideau’, which supports WWII, Korean War, and Other Qualified Veterans at the Perley and Rideau Veterans’ Health Centre.

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A Blessed Life

As a Nursing Sister in England during the Second World War, Edith Goodspeed experienced the horrors of the war and helped countless soldiers recover enough to return home or back into battle. She later raised three children and today is blessed with seven grandchildren and two great grandchildren.

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Once a Runner, Always a Runner

“Whenever I see someone running now, it tugs at my heart strings,” Lorne Hooper says with a smile. Nowadays, he likes to spend time in the Perley Rideau’s crafts studio, making scarves; he also recently learned to play the ukulele. “The staff here are nice and there are plenty of ways for me to stay active,” he says.

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A Lifetime of Giving Back

Thomas Young Strath devoted his life to serving his family, his community and his country.  In a final act of generosity, he bequeathed much of his estate to 10 charities, including the Perley and Rideau Veterans' Health Centre Foundation.

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I'm running for...

This May, Team Perley Rideau will participate in Ottawa Race Weekend while raising funds for the Foundation.  Team member Lisa says:

"I am running for my grandfather, John R. Newell, who lives at the Perley Rideau.  He moved in last June and is so pleased with the kind of care he has received - my family and I are impressed too!"

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Canada’s Women Veterans to be Honoured at Perley Rideau

Female Veterans of the Second World War and the Korean War will be honoured on Tuesday, March 6, as part of International Women’s Week celebrations at the Perley and Rideau Veterans’ Health Centre. During the event, each of the 44 female Veterans who live at Perley Rideau will receive a special shawl handmade by Mylène Levesque.

The event is also a fundraiser for the Perley Rideau Foundation, whose mission is to support the care of seniors and Veterans residing at the Health Centre. Admission is free; a silent auction will be held and High Tea will be served.The event is sponsored by Beechwood Funeral, Cemetery, and Cremation Services, Home of the home of the National Military Cemetery, the RCMP National Memorial Cemetery and the Ottawa Police Service Memorial Cemetery.

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