What Goes Around, Comes Around

For decades, Bud Hannam rarely talked about his wartime experiences. In recent years, though – since remarrying and attending D-Day celebrations abroad – he has begun to share his remarkable and inspirational stories.

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If you have “… no home to go to – come here. The staff spoil us. In fact, it’s a little embarrassing you know”. These are the opening remarks of Mr.Gerald Bowen, a resident at the Perley and Rideau Veterans’ Health Centre (the Perley), during the reception mounted by the Ottawa Service Attachés Association (OSAA) at the Perley last night. OSAA is an association of the Defence Attachés from around the world and posted to Ottawa and who have taken the Perley under their wing to raise money and to try and make life better for the veterans served by the Perley.

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Proud to Do Her Part

"It's payback time." That's the explanation Louise Estwick gives when asked why she chose to donate to the Perley and Rideau Foundation in her will.  Louise and her late husband Sam Estwick both devoted much of their lives to community service.  "We always felt that we should do our part," she says simply.

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A Family Connection, a Generous Donation

A highlight of the summer was the visit of officers and crew from HMCS Ottawa, a Royal Canadian Navy Halifax-class frigate. During an afternoon tea held with resident Navy Veterans, the group presented a cheque for $15,480.54 to the Perley Rideau Foundation.

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A Gift for Life

During a decades-long career in nursing and education, Marni Crossley had many experiences with end-of-life care. She recognizes that all of them helped her to grow both professionally and spiritually. This is particularly true for her husband’s end-of-life journey at the Perley Rideau Veterans’ Health Centre.

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The Value of a Dollar

The life of Bette Davis demonstrates the mix of self-reliance and community service that characterized her generation. Like many who grew up during the Depression, she learned to appreciate the value of a dollar. When she passed away, Bette capped off her busy and industrious life with a generous donation in her will to the Perley Rideau.

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