Resident enjoying Creative Arts Program.

Priority Needs List

Perley and Rideau Veterans’ Health Centre 

Resident Priority Needs List for 2020

Your support makes a difference in the lives of seniors and Veterans who call the Perley Rideau home


  • THERAPEUTIC RECREATION AND CREATIVE ARTS – Substantial evidence continues to accumulate about the benefits to seniors and Veterans who participate in recreation and creative arts activities. Your support will help to fund the program to meet the needs of ALL residents who call the Perley Rideau home ($135,000).
  • BURSARIES – Investing in life-long learning enables staff to enhance their skills and stay at the forefront of care ($15,000).
  • SUMMER YOUTH VOLUNTEER PROGRAM – Funding the Summer Youth Volunteer program ($4,000).



  • Replace 100 Hi-Lo beds and mattresses (100 @ $2,000 each) to provide the safety of a lower bed, while offering the ability to adjust the heights for transfers, entry and exit, and providing a safe and comfortable working height for staff.
  • Purchase 11 portable, hand-held ultrasound bladder scanner (11 scanners @ 7,400 each) to perform a quick, easy and non-invasive scan of the bladder to safely and accurately evaluate the need for catheterization.
  • Purchase 11 rational ovens for resident kitchens to prepare fresh food on the units (11 ovens @$13,000 each). The combi oven offers the most beneficial and cost effective cooking solution to perfectly fry, roast, grill, steam, poach, bake, and much more, all in a single self-cleaning piece of equipment.
  • Purchase specialized mattresses and gel pads to provide a comfortable rest to residents by helping prevent and heal ulcers (4 CFT mattresses @ $2,000 each, 5 APM2 mattresses @ 2,500 each, and 5 full bed gel pads @ $500 each)
  • Purchase 7 blanket warmers (7 @ $5,000 each). The warm blankets will not only provide comfort to the seniors and Veterans but also can help soothe and calm a nervous resident living with dementia.
  • Replace the furniture in the lounge areas (4 @ $5,500 each). The lounges are used by residents and their loved ones when they want to visit outside of their bedroom. Residents also sometimes gather in the lounge to socialize or play games. The new furniture is designed for improved accessibility for seniors and Veterans.   



  • Purchase patio furniture (3 sets @ $5,500 each). The furniture sets are used by residents and their loved ones when they enjoy the outdoors at the Rideau patio, the Gatineau patio or the duck pond view area. The new furniture is at a height that is easy for a frail seniors and Veterans to use safely.



  • Purchase one high fidelity simulation mannequin ($7,000) to teach staff how to respond to real-life medical situations. This type of technology allows the team to practice skills such as taking vital signs, starting IVs, inserting catheters with a mannequin that simulates a real person.



  • All 450 rooms will receive an interior upgrade to create an environment where seniors and Veterans feel at home in their personal space. Cost for one room: $590



  • Project and equipment needs that arise during the year.