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Resident enjoying Creative Arts Program.

Priority Needs List

Resident Priority Needs for 2018

By renewing your support for 2018 today, you can help The Perley Rideau ensure that excellent resident care, comfort and services are always available for seniors and Veterans who call the Perley Rideau home. Your donation is life-giving!



  • THERAPEUTIC RECREATION AND CREATIVE ARTS – Your support will help to provide residents with a remarkable range of activities – from pottery, painting and woodworking to meaningful day trips to music therapy. Evidence continues to accumulate about the benefits accruing to seniors and Veterans who participate in recreation and arts activities ($135,000).
  • BURSARIES –Investing in life-long learning enables our staff to enhance their skills and stay at the forefront of care ($10,000).
  • VOLUNTEER SERVICE – Your support will help to fund the Summer Youth Volunteer program ($4,000).



  • Replace twenty-five Hi-Lo beds (25 @ $2,750 each) to provide the safety of a lower bed, while offering the ability to adjust the heights for transfers, entry and exit, and providing a safe and comfortable working height for staff.
  • Purchase and install three bathtubs (3 @ $18,000 each). The therapeutic height adjustable bath system will transform one of the most challenging aspects of nursing into a safe and enjoyable experience for both resident and caregiver.
  • Purchase five water and ice dispensers (5 @ $6,350 each). The dispensers are a must-have equipment for food safety. Ice cold water also provides personal comfort to residents.
  • Purchase four commercial-grade dishwashers (4 @ $8,200 each) for the kitchens on the residents’ units.
  • Purchase five pressure-relief mattresses (5 @ $2,450 each) to help prevent and heal ulcers
  • Purchase five sit-to-stand lifts (5 @ $8,000 each) to enable quicker, easier, and safer lifting and transfer for both the resident and the caregiver.
  • Purchase a wheelchair accessible portable stage ($5,000) to allow residents to participate in special events and ceremonies including Remembrance Day service.
  • Replace window blinds ($12,000) in Lupton Hall to provide a more comfortable environment all day long.



  • Enhancement of the duck pond lookout ($25,000) by installing benches where people can enjoy the view with a covered shelter to offer protection from the elements.
  • Outdoor furniture and umbrellas (4 courtyards @ $5,000 each) for four outdoor courtyards, a prime programming space.



  • Project and equipment needs that arise during the year.