Resident enjoying Creative Arts Program.

Priority Needs List

Perley and Rideau Veterans’ Health Centre 

Resident Priority Needs List for 2019

By renewing your support today, you can help The Perley Rideau ensure that excellent resident care, comfort and services are always available for seniors and Veterans who call the Perley Rideau home. Your donation is life-giving!


· THERAPEUTIC RECREATION AND CREATIVE ARTS – Substantial evidence continues to accumulate about the benefits to seniors and Veterans who participate in recreation and creative arts activities, including an increase in social engagement, psychological health and self-esteem. Your support will help to fund the program to meet the needs of ALL residents — seniors and Veterans who call the Perley Rideau home ($135,000).

· BURSARIES – Investing in life-long learning enables our staff to enhance their skills and stay at the forefront of care ($15,000).

· VOLUNTEER SERVICES – Your support will help to fund the Summer Youth Volunteer program ($4,000).


  • Replace eighty-five Hi-Lo beds and mattresses (85 @ $2,000 each) to provide the safety of a lower bed, while offering the ability to adjust the heights for transfers, entry and exit, and providing a safe and comfortable working height for staff.

· Purchase twenty-one blanket warmers (21 @ $4,000). The warm blankets will not only provide comfort to the seniors and Veterans but also can help soothe and calm a nervous resident living with dementia.

· Replace two ice and water dispenser machines (2 @ $6,350 each). The dispensers are a must-have equipment for food safety. Ice cold water also provides personal comfort to residents.

· Replace the furniture in the lounge areas (8 @ $3,000). The lounges are used by residents and their loved ones when they want to visit outside of their bedroom. Residents also sometimes gather in the lounge to socialize or play games.


You can help enhance the care and safety of seniors at the Perley Rideau by supporting a renovation project of 20 tub and shower rooms. These rooms, which were originally built approximately 25 years ago, are in need of updates and improvements to provide safer access and comfort to seniors. All 20 rooms will be completed by the end of 2020. Each tub and shower room serves up to 40 seniors and Veterans. The bathing stations are used 7 days a week including evenings, providing the mandated long term care requirements for care and safety. Our goal is to create an environment where seniors and Veterans feel safe and secure to enjoy a dignified and pleasurable bathing experience. The renovated tub and shower rooms look and feel more like a home bathroom and support the transformation of some of the most challenging aspects of long term care into a safe and comfortable experience for both residents and caregivers.

Cost for one room: $36,400 including construction, plumbing, electrical and millwork:

· Reconfiguration of unit with new flooring and ceramic walls - $23,200

· New shower, toilet and wall-hung sink - $6,600

· New lighting and electrical upgrades - $3,300

· New countertops and storage units - $2,500

· Installation of grab bars - $800


· Project and equipment needs that arise during the year.